9 Volt Adapters

Fulltone FPS1 and FPS2 AC Adapters

FPS-1 (negative center pin)
$24.95 MSRP

Discontinued. See the IPS-9

FPS-2 (positive center pin)
$29.95 MSRP

FPS1 and FPS2

The problem with 99.9% of all wall-wart adapters is that they are NOT regulated, some straying up to 13 volts or so, causing hum and horrible tone. Enter the Fulltone FPS series (200 ma.) regulated adapters... dead quiet... and exactly 9 volts whether your voltage browns to 100 or spikes to 130. All models have the standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm ends.

The FPS-1 has a Negative Center Pin and is designed for most all 9v pedals, including the Fulltone Plimsoul, FullDrive2, Fat-Boost, etc., as well as most other Boss, Ibanez and other 9v pedals.

NOTE: The US-only FPS-1 has been discontinued in favor of the IPS-9, a noise-free switching power supply that can be used in any country, at any voltage from 100-240VAC.

The FPS-2 has a Positive Center Pin and is designed ONLY for use with the Octafuzz, SoulBender and '69, as well other pedals that requre 9v positive-center power.

The FPS-3 has a Negative Center Pin but is an 18 volt power supply that can also be used with many of Fulltone's 9v pedals, including the OCD, FD2, FD3, Plimsoul, 2B, Fat-Boost, Secret Freq, along with other brands ONLY if they allow 18 volt operation, check with the manufacturer before using! Go here for the FPS-3